Top Florida Democrat Nikki Fried Silent on PPP Bank Fraud

Updated: Sep 23

Agricultural Commissioner, Florida's highest ranking Democrat Nikki Fried is keeping her mouth closed on an illegal $780,000 taxpayer funded loan. Thats right, the Florida Democrat Party received $780,000 in their bank account this year from the controversial Paycheck Protection Plan.

In April, the FDP reported that they received five structured payments from the PPP. On April 24th, the FDP's bank account received three payments of $200,000. Over the following week two more $200,000 payments arrived in their account. Then they received a $150,000 payment, finally April 29th a $30,000 cash transfer was received.

So my question is, how did the FDP qualify for all of those taxpayer funds? Political parties aren't eligible. But you have to remember there is always a way or a loophole that exists somewhere and the FDP found one. FDP actually used a corporation, the Florida Democratic Party Building Fund, Inc., in order to circumvent federal rules and secure the loan to help pay the salaries of its employees. But as it turns out, the Florida Democratic Party Building doesn't have any employees. So someone lied on a form and claimed imaginary employees in order to qualify for the PPP.

“The Florida Democrat Party should absolutely release a copy of their loan application,” said Helen Aguirre Ferré, speaking on behalf of the Florida Republican Party. “We don’t believe for one second that this was a mistake. The FDP knew what they were doing from the onset—but the one thing they never contemplated was that the data about who applied and received funds would be made public, shining a light on their actions. Like the rest of the public, we will be waiting for answers.”

Nikki Fried is remaining silent on her own party but would she do the same if the Republican Party did the same thing?

According to Politico, the FDP returned the funds back in July.