Is Trump too Nice and What Should We Call Biden Voters?

The one thing that puts Donald Trump over the top was his ability to say it like it is and speak clearly as to who and what the left in this nation really is. And he does so in a New York manner, making it seem even crueler to some. But is it really cruel? Well, let's go to the record and see. 

Let us start with the coup attempt against him. It was the Obama / Biden that authorized a coup attempt and like the KGB set out to imprison him for treason that they had actually committed. While they were trying to disenfranchise sixty million voters, not the Russians. 

Then Obama/Biden henchmen led by Mueller and Weissman have the unmitigated gall to turn their sights on Trump’s children with the same hoax and KGB tactics. While Obama’s child is running around smoking weed and Hunter AKA Mr. Crackpipe travels the globe. All the while he refuses to pay child support to the stripper he knocked up since he was too high to get his brother's wife pregnant. 

But let us move on, they call people white people whom they disagree with white supremacists just for starters. But they praise Margret (kill the coloreds they are like weeds) Sanger and think her counterpart “I thought we were killing the right people” speaking of blacks being 32% of abortion when they are 13% of the population RGB a saint. 

At every turn, they want to stifle your God-given right to free speech. They elect people to stick a gun to your head and say pay more taxes to murder black babies, but then demand you also pay more to pay for illegals health care you can’t afford yourself. 

They speak of the heavy dogma of Christians, make Nuns pay for birth control, arrest Jews trying to worship, but let BLM riot in the streets and they demand you like it. All the while they dance the dance of the cult of peace. While they behead people and throw gays off buildings and set up their own police forces in cities to beat women that don’t dress the way they want them to. That is if they just do not skip that part and go for the “honor” killing. 

They fly around the world on airplanes you paid for selling you out to the highest bidder. Be it China, Russia, or Ukraine. All the while molesting 12-year-olds on their private island of perverts. They demand you accept the North American Man-Boy Love Association as normal and allow them to meet in libraries that Christian groups can’t meet in. 

They trap black people in failing schools, pass laws to lock them up, leave their neighborhoods in total disrepair as they launder the tax money, they are paid thru public union for a campaign donation. They kill the elderly ordering COVID positive patients be readmitted to nursing homes whose budget, they cut to give illegals free college tuition you can’t afford and if they have any money left they launder that thru a windmill scam. 

And when they have all but destroyed the black community they now turn their gaze upon the Jewish community because they will not join their cult. They arrested them as they are trying to worship, close their community centers and attack them and their children who voice political opinions, not approved by their plain clothes Hitler, Biden, or Bernie. 

They demand you wear a mask at the airport, but do you think they do? They tell you to put it on between bites at Thanksgiving trying to generate fear to defeat a political opponent or just out of sheer ignorance. All the while your business is shut down and you cannot even go to your own lake house, but they sure as heck can and do. And when caught doing so or getting a haircut like a child they blame everyone else or they just say I am important you plebe I need my hair cut. 

They spit on cops, dump water on their heads, whip the lowest level thugs in their ranks into a frenzy and drive them to shoot cops while they are sitting in their car. They march in the streets scream pig in a blanket fry them like bacon. They stop traffic, throw things at your car ,but when you get out to kick their ass they run down the street screaming call 911. Or if they see a 12-year-old with a bee bee gun near their mansion they call out a Swat Team. 

And just when you think they can't sink any lower they say hold my phallic symbol and watch as they dox Nunns for attending a Trump rally. Find eighty-two-year-old veterans with MAGA hats to beat up. Encircle tiny Asian reporters from the networks they don't like and throw drinks on them and punch them. Teach fourth graders how to masturbate. And try to add pedophilia to their every growing list of perversion as an acceptable sexual orientation. 

Then, as they release the band of thugs, scum, and perverts onto the streets, they stand ready to take your gun so you can't defend yourself. And if you have the unmitigated gall to shoot one of these pieces of shit. They just let out of jail for the tenth time for rape, breaking and entering or armed robbery you are the one they want to throw in jail. 

So, what should Donald Trump or you for that matter call these people? Wel,l for starters Joe is lucky that as soon as the first debate started Trump did not walk over and Corn Pops his ass into the podium just for starters. But back to the two questions at hand. Is Trump too nice, hell yes, and what should we call these people. Well, let us take a stab at it all the while keeping in mind if we returned to the day of Burr-Hamilton dueling almost none of this would be necessary. 

At some level, I am hesitant to sink to the level of the left, but the record must be set straight. And after being called every vile name in the book for the past forty years for standing up for freedom, respect of the individual, the rule of law not kings in black on a court, the right to send your child to a school that is not failing and the right to work and keep the money you earned so it will not be used to buy votes to teach people of one racial group to hate you it is way past time to get at it. 

Now I am sure I will leave some out, but here we go. Baby killers, racist, fascist, liars, moron, perverts, idiots, traitors, dumpster runoff scum, the scum of the earth, not worthy to be called human, pieces of shit, lower than whale shit, degenerates, maggots, zombies, anti-Christ, dipshits, ignoramuses, fear-mongering ass wipes, Nazi’s, shit for brains, parasites or my favorite bed wetting bugger eating snot nose puss bucket commie pinko faggots. 

Bottom line, Trump is way too nice and if we as a nation are going to clean up this mess we are going to have to get serious about calling these (pick a name) people out and shaming them into waking up. Or just defeat them at every turn be it at the voting booth or in the streets. Because one of the hardest things to do in all of human history is to shame a shameless self-righteous SJW know it all little twerp. And the list goes on, lol.

P.S. The photo you see is from the NAMBLA’s website a core voting group in the democrat party. It outlines in detail how to lure young boys to your house so you can molest them. Did I mention my list is way too short to describe these disgusting pieces of shit?