FL. Governor DeSantis vows to defend law enforcement

Winter Haven, FL. - Governor DeSantis announced Monday a legislative package designed to stop all violent assemblies and protect law enforcement officers and defund any city that defunds their police departments.

In a statement below, Gov. DeSantis explained why this important legislative.

“Our right to peacefully assemble is one of our most cherished as Americans, but throughout the country we’ve seen that right being taken advantage of by professional agitators, bent on sowing disorder and causing mayhem in our cities,” detailed Governor DeSantis.

“I will not allow this kind of violence to occur here in Florida,” he added, noting that “the legislation announced today will not only combat rioting and looting, but also protect the men and women in law enforcement that wake up every day to keep us safe.”

This legislation would also create penalties for those who harass people at restaurants during a violent assembly. Also people from out of state will face penalties for participating.